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Child Support Assistance

The Most Comprehensive Child Support Assistance Programs ... Ever!

Project Child Support Mobile Assistance Center (MAC)

To provide assistance to parents throughout the tri-state, Project Child Support now has a Mobile Assistance Center (MAC) that travels to family courts and hosts community workshops.  Our MAC is staffed with Attorneys, Investigators, Paralegals, and Case Assessment Representatives, and provides an array of services, including legal, investigative and child support payment analysis.

Custodial Parents - Free Case Assessment:

Filing Program - For Custodial Parents Who Need Child Support Orders

Collection Program - For Custodial Parents Owed Arrears with Child Support Orders

Actual Enforcement Order

Custodial Parent Testimonial 1, Custodial Parent Testimonial 2 and Custodial Parent Testimonial 3

● Custodial Parent Child Support Quiz

Noncustodial Parents - Free Case Assessment:

Amnesty Program - For Noncustodial Parents Who Owe Arrears

● Credit Restoration  and Job Search - Other Services To Assist Noncustodial Parents

Noncustodial Parent Testimonial

Noncustodial Child Support Quiz

Collection Success Rates

Our contracted attorney based collection agency has the highest industry success rates:

● Collections with Court Orders = 84%

● Collections with Enforcement Orders = 91%

Service Provided

Collection Program - Project Child Support provides a Collection Program to assist custodial parents in obtaining a Child Support Enforcement Order, to seize and liquidate the assets of nonpaying noncustodial parents to pay their arrears. The Collection Program provides investigative services, legal assistance, seizures, liquidations, and apprehension services to effectively collect unpaid child support. 

Filing Program - Project Child Support provides free services to assist custodial parents in filing to obtain a child support order.  Should a parent need investigative services to locate a noncustodial parent to obtain a child support order, a Filing Investigative Program provides cost effective services to investigative services.

Amnesty Program - Project Child Support also provide an Amnesty Program to assist noncustodial parents who owe arrears. The Amnesty Program provides legal services to enable noncustodial parents to establish settlement agreements to pay their arrears, discharge their arrest warrants, restore their licenses, restore their passports and stop income tax levies for the nonpayment of child support.


Child Support Statistics in America:  More Statistics

Project Child Support was Created to Reduce the More than 37.5 Million Parents Owed Child Support, and the More than $100 Billion Owed in Child Support Arrears in America.


Of the estimated 12.5 million parents with child support orders that are owed arrears, approximately 75% of the noncustodial parents can afford to pay support, but refuse.


There are an estimated 2.6 million outstanding serious misdemeanor and felony warrants in the United States that have taxed the US Judicial System, which has made child support warrants a low priority.  

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Project Child Support Will Not Take Any Portion Of A Parent’s Child Support As Payment

Project Child Support is a Sponsor of the Custodial Support Foundation of the Trust Counselors Network

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