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Amnesty Program

For Noncustodial Parents Who Owe Arrears

In addition to providing services for custodial parents, it is important to provide services to assist noncustodial parents, to help them provide support for their children. 

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Project Child Support provides an Amnesty Program for noncustodial parents who owe child support arrears, have arrest warrant for unpaid arrears, revoked driver's licenses, revoked passports and income tax levies. 


The Amnesty Program provides legal and collection services to enable noncustodial parents to establish settlement agreements to pay their arrears, suspend their arrest warrants, restore their licenses, restore their passports and stop income tax levies for the nonpayment of child support.


Service Steps: 

1. Noncustodial parents agree to an easy payment plan to repay all arrears, and have an order filed to enable the court to:

●  Downward Modifications of Obligations

●  Discharge Child Support Warrants

●  Reissue Licenses

●  Reissue Passports

●  Stop Income Tax Levies


2. Agreements are established and a Motion is prepared with a certification to provide relief actions and/or a modification of the child support obligation.


3. Motion is filed for a modification of the child support obligation or a payment plan to repay the child support arrears.


4. Court appearance with attorney to obtain a modification to the child support obligation, discharge arrest warrants, reinstate licenses, reinstate passports and/or discharge tax liens for the nonpayment of child support.

5. Noncustodial parents can live a fulfilled life that enables the privileges of the American Dream, without the fear and the threat of being arrested, or their assets seized.


Additional Services for Noncustodial Parents

Job Search Services - Upon request and at no additional cost, Project Child Support will assist in providing job search services.

Credit Repair Services to Remove Derogatory Information and Judgments - The Amnesty Program includes credit restoration services to remove derogatory information from noncustodial parents credit reports, once they receive a new child support orders.

What's Needed To Get Started - After Payment:

Child Support Order - All Orders Issued (Contact Your Child Support Agency for Copies)

Statement of Arrears - Can Be Accessed On-Line (Contact Your Child Support Agency)

Executed Service Agreement - Provided by Project Child Support

 Reduced Child Support Payments - Need Last Three (3) Paystubs and Recent Tax Return

Episode 7: Amnesty Program

Onetime Payment of $3,000
Provides the Best Savings


12 Monthly Payments of

$300 For a Total of $3,600

26 Bi-Weekly Payments of

$150 For a Total of $3,900

The Services of the Collection Program are Provided by Bounty Alert.

Bounty Alert was designed and developed with the support of law enforcement agents and  lawyers.

The Most Comprehensive Fugitive Recovery Network... Ever!

Project Child Support Will Not Take Any Portion Of A Parent’s Child Support As Payment

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